Join us to catch all the Euros 2024 action live at The Smokin’ Fox.

We’ll be showing every game live on our screens, ensuring you don’t miss a moment.

Serving all the usual scran and drink throughout, along with some extra Euro food specials.

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EURO 2024 group stage

14 June

Group A: Germany vs Scotland (20:00)

15 June

Group A: Hungary vs Switzerland (14:00)

Group B: Spain vs Croatia (17:00)

Group B: Italy vs Albania (20:00)

16 June

Group D: Poland vs Netherlands (14:00)

Group C: Slovenia vs Denmark (17:00)

Group C: Serbia vs England (20:00)

17 June

Group E: Romania vs Ukraine (14:00)

Group E: Belgium vs Slovakia (17:00)

Group D: Austria vs France (20:00)

18 June

Group F: Turkey vs Georgia (17:00)

Group F: Portugal vs Czech Republic (20:00)

19 June

Group B: Croatia vs Albania (14:00)

Group A: Germany vs Hungary (17:00)

Group A: Scotland vs Switzerland (20:00)

20 June

Group C: Slovenia vs Serbia (14:00)

Group C: Denmark vs England (17:00)

Group B: Spain vs Italy (20:00)

21 June

Group E: Slovakia vs Ukraine (14:00)

Group D: Poland vs Austria (17:00)

Group D: Netherlands vs France (20:00)

22 June

Group F: Georgia vs Czech Republic (14:00)

Group F: Turkey vs Portugal (17:00)

Group E: Belgium vs Romania (20:00)

23 June

Group A: Switzerland vs Germany (20:00)

Group A: Scotland vs Hungary (20:00)

24 June

Group B: Croatia vs Italy (20:00)

Group B: Albania vs Spain (20:00)

25 June

Group D: Netherlands vs Austria (17:00)

Group D: France vs Poland (17:00)

Group C: England vs Slovenia (20:00)

Group C: Denmark vs Serbia (20:00)

26 June

Group E: Slovakia vs Romania (17:00)

Group E: Ukraine vs Belgium (17:00)

Group F: Czech Republic vs Turkey (20:00)

Group F: Georgia vs Portugal (20:00)