The Smokin’ Fox, 6-8 Waterloo St, Glasgow G2 6DA

Euro 2024

EURO 2024 group stage

14 June

Group A: Germany vs Scotland (20:00)

15 June

Group A: Hungary vs Switzerland (14:00)

Group B: Spain vs Croatia (17:00)

Group B: Italy vs Albania (20:00)

16 June

Group D: Poland vs Netherlands (14:00)

Group C: Slovenia vs Denmark (17:00)

Group C: Serbia vs England (20:00)

17 June

Group E: Romania vs Ukraine (14:00)

Group E: Belgium vs Slovakia (17:00)

Group D: Austria vs France (20:00)

18 June

Group F: Turkey vs Georgia (17:00)

Group F: Portugal vs Czech Republic (20:00)

19 June

Group B: Croatia vs Albania (14:00)

Group A: Germany vs Hungary (17:00)

Group A: Scotland vs Switzerland (20:00)

20 June

Group C: Slovenia vs Serbia (14:00)

Group C: Denmark vs England (17:00)

Group B: Spain vs Italy (20:00)

21 June

Group E: Slovakia vs Ukraine (14:00)

Group D: Poland vs Austria (17:00)

Group D: Netherlands vs France (20:00)

22 June

Group F: Georgia vs Czech Republic (14:00)

Group F: Turkey vs Portugal (17:00)

Group E: Belgium vs Romania (20:00)

23 June

Group A: Switzerland vs Germany (20:00)

Group A: Scotland vs Hungary (20:00)

24 June

Group B: Croatia vs Italy (20:00)

Group B: Albania vs Spain (20:00)

25 June

Group D: Netherlands vs Austria (17:00)

Group D: France vs Poland (17:00)

Group C: England vs Slovenia (20:00)

Group C: Denmark vs Serbia (20:00)

26 June

Group E: Slovakia vs Romania (17:00)

Group E: Ukraine vs Belgium (17:00)

Group F: Czech Republic vs Turkey (20:00)

Group F: Georgia vs Portugal (20:00)

Sports at The Smokin’ Fox

We have all Sky Sports & BT channels so can show everything from the Scottish Premiership & International Football to the Grand National and Wimbledon. Swing by, pull up a pew, and catch all of the action right here.

We’re located just next to Central Station – it doesn’t get much more central than that.

If there’s a game you fancy watching, feel free to fire us a message before visiting or ask your server when you’re here.

As always, we welcome all walk-ins as long as we have space and take bookings for anyone looking to snack on some scran while they catch the game.

Please note that we only take bookings for those looking to eat.